CHS Performs Bocon!

CHS Performs Bocon!
Posted on 03/10/2017

Congratulations to the 50+ students who just completed a wildly successful production of "Bocon!" Opening night was last Wednesday, March 1st ... when the actors performed to a completely packed house! The following 3 nights were just as full ... so much so, that 2 encore productions were added earlier this week, and an additional 5 performances were given today for TMS and CHS classes to attend.

"... I can't think of a better high school to produce this play in. Our diverse population seemed like such a natural fit." ~ Jeff Witt.

Bocon's story is about finding one's voice. La Llorona sums it up when she asks Miguel, "Who can live without a voice in this world? Without a voice, you have no story. No ones knows where you come from, why you're here. Without a voice, you disappear."