About Us

Jann Link-Jobe

Vice Principals
Brett Baldwin
Jason Clark

Athletic Director
Shane Hedrick

Activities Director 
Tom Roberts
Central High School's mission is to provide a safe environment in which all students can fully develop their academic potential, work ethic, and positive citizenship.

It is the philosophy of Central High School to:

  • Recognize individual needs and potentials of each student and provide an education that will allow him/her to maximize his/her potential.
  • Encourage the social, intellectual, physical, moral and cultural development of each student.
  • Provide an education that prepares students for careers, vocational training and college entrance.
  • Encourage students to learn how to acquire knowledge, to appreciate knowledge for its own sake and to continue learning as a life-long endeavor.
  • Recognize we are living in a changing world and we will prepare our students to function and adapt to its changing trends.
  • Encourage parents to be involved in the education process by assuming responsibility for the education of their student as well as being actively involved in the general program of the school.
  • Ensure continuity in educational programs K-12.
  • Appreciate the cultural diversity of our community.

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