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  • Monday
    Have fun!
  • Tuesday
    Stay cool!
  • Wednesday
    Half-Life 3 Confirmed
  • Thursday
  • Friday
    Stay safe!

Important Dates

Aug. 10th-13th - Sport Registration - 6pm-8pm

Aug. 12th - Sports Physical - Panther Pit - 1:30PM

Aug. 17th - First fall practice

Willamette Promise

Are you interested in careers and college? Are you interested in where to go after high school? Check out the Wilamette Promise Website with your SSID and register! Any students planning to take a proficiency dual credit course through the Willamette Promise, has to register.

We want your ideas

Are you interesting in seeing something happen here on the Central website? You can send in your ideas, stories, club info, and anything you think would be great to for all students to see! All your ideas and contributions will be taken into consideration by our Web Master team!

Send in your ideas to: 267675@central.k12.or.us


Are you a part of Athletics? Check out osaa.org. You can find all sports schedules and information there!

Counselor Department

Full of information and fun. Check out the counselor department website at http://chscounselorcorner.blogspot.com/!

CHS Survey

In an effort to improve our communication processes, we would like you to complete a survey to give us your perspective on Central School District. Your answers will help ensure the communication provided by the District is timely, relevant, and meeting the needs of our students, parents, employees and community. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Jill Love (jlove@central.k12.or.us). Please forward this URL to your friends and family who live within the School District, as we are looking for as much input as possible.

You can find the survey link here.

You can recieve a paper copy of the survey that can be picked up in our office, at any other school office within our District, or from the District Office at Henry Hill. Thank you for your participation!